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Jan 28, 2010 4:30am EST
news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. >> it's a big day on wall street and in washington. our experts talk about how the markets could react to the federal statement out today. tim knightner testifies on why the ballout terms were told to be kept secret. >> a dramatic state of the union address tonight. will we hear an outburst during the state of the union address? high drama on capitol hill tonight. >> ford is adding 1200 new jobs to revamp the explorer s.u.v., a $400 million investment for a chicago assembly plant. ford shares trading around $11 a share, up 12% already this year. >> tonight's the night. president obama delivers his state of the union address at 9:00 p.m. eatern. we spoke to a couple of members of congress who will be in the audience to get their thoughts on what they want to her the president say. >> president obama could face a tough crowd wednesday night. members of congress on both sides of the aisle are demanding answers to tough issues facing the nation. >> i want to hear that there is no falter in going after the goals that he has set for the terms of
Jan 1, 2010 5:00am EST
.s. government, there is going to be more influence from washington than normal. there is always some influence from washington due to environmental regulations but until the government reduces or entirely eliminates their stake in gm and chrysler we will keep seeing more operational, and hopefully we're done with management changes at lease at gm and i don't see anything that fiat, sergio is running that ship now. but things like, for example, what we just saw this week with gm announcing they will run three shifts 24/7 in the kansas city area. that is very hard to do in the auto industry. toyota doesn't even do that all the time. they used to do that certain times to ramp up production in a certain mod sole that move see -- model so that move seems to be coming from washington. >> and what are bright spots in the last year? would you use hyundai, perhaps? >> the lower volume manufacturers, particularly hyundai and subaru. hyundai i've equated to how toyota came into the united states, initially very, very low quality, but over time it got better and better and got more market share. hyundai i
Jan 23, 2010 4:30am EST
markets are sliding 3% with investors rattled by washington news. the technology sector has google posting big profits, but it's stock is well under $600 a share. >> that's google. the banks are turning in outstanding numbers, american express coming in $716 million. i had to look at that number twice, beejal. goldman sachs, $13 billion in profits for the year. >> banks are still coming up pressure with what's coming out of washington. mortgage rates falling again, just underneath 5%. the 30 year fixed is still not at the record lows we saw a few months ago. >> we have larry levin. how much pressure is on traders. >> there's a good amount. we haven't really seen the last couple of days and previous times is that anytime these markets sold out big, they had a big bounce at the end of the day. we didn't see that yesterday. that concerns me. >> do you think then that that could be the correction that many people are expecting? >> i think so. i think you throw in the momentum of the president mad at the banks, trying to put pressure on them, add that with this market has just rallied an immens
Jan 13, 2010 4:30am EST
towns. it's going to be be a heated few weeks in washington. >> hears will be held to get to the root of the economic crisis and will now hold its first hearings. wednesday, goldman sachs, jp more began stanley c.o.e.'s will testify, likely facing questions on bonuses, and whether they're doing enough to lend money to small businesses. the senate takes up legislation to overhaul the banking system. >> after a year of ballgameouts and massive bonuses, the obama administration is considering an extra tax on large banks to recoup tarp costs. capital partners joining in this group. brian what do you think? >> they are trying to recoup the money they think they'll lose in tarp. the losses of coming from gmac. it seems like we are taxing the guys that made it to save the guys that didn't. this really seems like a political tax. we are aiming that somebody is mad at. when you levee a political tax, it's difficult to try and link this tax with what i think they are attempting to do, tavern down people taking risks. how you measure and tax risks is a difficult thing to figure out. i'm dubious
Jan 26, 2010 4:30am EST
, right? >> yes, there are two options being thought about in washington at the moment. one is to let the house pass the senate bill, even though a lot of people in the house don't like aspects of the senate bill, and then the new senator wouldn't get a vote. they would have to come back in a year and fix it, but they might do that. the other option is the president is talking about a scaled down health plan targeted more towards insurance reform, and maybe some cost savings, and wouldn't enact all the parts of the 1,000 page health bill that's pending in the house currently that has passed in one version or another in both houses. to get a house committee to come to an agreement, and get crossovers like olympia snow to vote for it, that will be decided in a couple of weeks. >> thank you so much. that will be interesting to watch it play out. >> on wednesday, secretary treasury tim geithner will be in the hot seat. lawmakers want to know why the new york federal reserve told a.i.g. to keep quiet on the details of its bailout, including how $62 billion in taxpayer money would be distin
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)